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Taian Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Xin

Sales Address: Yanhe Road Luohu District, Shenzhen

Gold Coast 3 26H Lo Wu

Sales Hotline: 0755-33686208

Mobile: 13,715,364,508 Takao

Fax: 0755-33686208

QQ: 296798025


Taian Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Xin relying on scientific management, from product sales and after-sales service the entire process, has established a strict management system.
Company's sales】 【Xin Wang detection security doors for its beautiful brand design, good product quality and perfect after-sales service, in the occupation of the domestic market, in turn, "Xin Exploration King" brand successfully into the overseas markets, to meet customer demand at home and abroad. "Exploration Xin Wang" security solution that covers the metal door manufacturers, electronics factory, metal factory, gold and silver jewelry factory, entertainment, stations, airports, exhibitions, conferences, prisons, public security departments and other fields, In addition, the company's hand-held metal detectors, underground metal detectors and other products were also unanimous praise by the majority of users!


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Name:XTA-AP2(Waterproof LED lights bilateral column dis

Name:XTA-A2(Bilateral column LED lights display)-throug

Name:XTA-A(Panel display) type-through metal detector g

Name:XTA-A8(Remote control full waterproof) Deluxe Pop-

Name:XTA-MD-3003B1Hand-held metal detector


Name:XTA-K01Antenna RF test

Name:XTA-K02RF detector

Name:XTA-A1LCD security door

Name:XTA-EG6000Acoustic Magnetic detector

Name:XTA-Y0013Small Square Black



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